Generate traffic & sales with an affiliate program!
Z4Web now features the ability to easily participate in affiliate programs! An affiliate program is an excellent sales and promotion tool that is used by many of the most prominent stores on the Web.

The premise is simple: reward sites that help to generate sales for your business. An affiliate program works much like a salesperson at a department store - affiliates direct people to your site through a specially-coded link and get commission on any sales they helped to create.

How Affiliate Programs Work:
  1. Choose an affiliate provider or providers (such as Commission Junction®, Link Share® or ClickBank®) to help you set-up and launch your program.
  2. Affiliates (also known as publishers) will sign up for your affiliate program through your affiliate provider, who will manage your affiliates with unique tracking URLs.
  3. When an affiliate puts a link or advertisement on their site, it will use the tracking URL that they receive from the affiliate provider. Visitors that click on that link or advertisement are then tracked by your affiliate provider.
  4. Each purchase on your reseller storefront will also use a tracking URL on the confirmation page that will allow your affiliate provider to track which publisher should be credited with creating the sale.
  5. Through your provider, you'll pay a commission to the affiliate publisher who helped initiate these sales.
  Generate traffic & sales with an affiliate program!